About Us
Vision Statement
To be a pioneer Association of Lawyers who are in employment by providing effective and innovative services to members and to the Organizations where the members are employed.
Mission Statement  
“The Key objective of the Association of Corporate Lawyers Sri Lanka is to be, and to be recognized as, the primary professional association of corporate lawyers in Sri Lanka, providing and efficient and effective range of benefits and services which will advance their professional development and standing and meet their individual needs.”
To represent members before their constituent law bodies and other forums by providing a voice for corporate lawyers.
To assist by providing continuing legal education for the benefit of members.
To maintain legal knowledge through conferences, seminars and social events and publication of the Sri Lankan Corporate Lawyers.
To support institutions providing specific courses of benefits to corporate lawyers including, where appropriate, offering financial
To promote corporate lawyers within the business and legal communities and to the general public.
To ensure proper “Management” in the field of law and other connected fields.
To provide on innovative contribution/service to the field of law and to General Public.
Message from the Secretary Association of Corporate Lawyers  
Association of Corporate Lawyers Sri Lanka (ACL) is privileged have a membership of well over 500 members representing of all sectors of the corporate world. It is also the intension of the ACL to develop a comprehensive data base of members enabling the members to network.

We invite all corporate lawyers to join with us and be a part of this Professional Organization.
As per the Constitution of the ACL, the eligibility criteria is as follows,
“Any Attorney-at-Law of the Supreme Court of Sri Lanka who is in the employment of any Government organization, a Public Corporation, a private or public Company (incorporated under the laws of Sri Lanka), or any body of persons (whether corporate or non-incorporate) will be eligible for membership of the Association”.
You could enroll as a life member by simply downloading the membership application form in the ‘ACL Profile’. The duly filled form together with the Life Membership fee of Rupees One Thousand (Rs. 1,000/-) can be forwarded to the Secretary or the Event Manager, Global Events and Convention Services.
You may contact President, Secretary or any other office bearer for further information, if necessary.
Himali S. Urugodawatte
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